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Panic Disorder

This can be the most terrifying mental illness to have. A panic attack can feel like you are dying.  You start to think that you are having a heart attack, and you rush off the ER.  You need to have the right medications in your system to handle this illness, and you often need to have a bottle of medications in your pocket to make you feel safe.  Don’t lose hope.  It doesn’t have to be this way the rest of your life.  Intense therapy and medication management can ease your symptoms to the point where you hardly ever need to have another panic attack.

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Do you count everything?  Do you have to have everything organised?  Is it essential to check the doors, cupboards, and the cooker many times daily?  Do you wash your hands to the point where they are raw and possibly bleeding?  OCD is a tough condition to treat.  We have 10+ protocols for treating OCD, including therapy and medication management.  We will obsess over your OCD until it is manageable.  We haven’t had an OCD case yet that we couldn’t fix.


This no longer has to be a terminal diagnosis.  There are medication and supplement treatments available that can slow and reverse the disease.  Bring in your loved family member, and let’s get started on returning them to being a functioning member of the family.  If you think you might be developing dementia, come in yourself, and we can slow it down and possibly reverse its progress.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

This is a disorder that is on the rise. A narcissist is not a bad word.  A narcissist is just someone who was never treated with respect, and overcompensates in an attempt to restore the integrity of their ego.  There are no formally tested treatments for narcissism, but we have found that a combination of medication management, psychodynamic therapy, and modified CBT is able to produce dramatic improvements.

Borderline Personality Disorder

The great imitator!  People with BPD will come in complaining of anger issues, abandonment issues, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, Bipolar, a history of cutting, suicidal thoughts, and an inability to function in society.  We help you understand this disorder, get a correct diagnosis, and a correct treatment.  If you’ve ever been diagnosed with depression, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, and Bipolar by various doctors, then you just might have BPD.  Let us evaluate you and get your life back to normal.  There are effective treatments available.


Do you suffer from mood swings?  Have you ever thought that you might be bipolar?  There are many causes of mood swings, including bipolar, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, anxiety, and depression.  Come in for a full evaluation, and we will figure it out and get you on the path to recovery.


Anxiety – This is one of the most common problems we treat.  We offer a full service for anxiety management.  We find the combination of therapy and medication to be the most effective.  However, we understand that some people are too anxious to undergo therapy, and we are happy to provide just medications when appropriate.


Do you have trouble focusing?  We offer various treatments for the management of attention deficit.  Attention deficit can have multiple causes, including sleep problems, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. We do a full workup on you, and treat any underlying problems so that you can function at your full potential.


Addiction – Addiction doesn’t have to control your life.  We can manage your cravings and your symptoms.  We are with you through every step of the way to pick you up when you fall down.  We offer suboxone and other medications as necessary for the right clients.  We offer addiction process groups, as we know the importance of community support.


Depression – Perhaps the most difficult of all mental illnesses is Depression. It can leave you in pain, with no energy, suicidal, feeling unlovable, worthless, and hopeless.  It can be difficult to believe that you will ever feel normal again.  We specialise in treatment-resistant depression.  If you’ve been to see your doctor, and they’ve put you on Celex, Lexapro, Prozac (or a similar medication) but you haven’t responded, then you need to make an appointment.  Our physician attends conferences and invests large amounts of personal time trying to treat the difficult condition.  We have 10-20 alternative medication combinations that always produce results.  Come in to see us, and you will be back to normal within a few week to a few months.